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About Hairpolice

Who We Are

We are a creative collective who believe hair is more than just about grooming. It’s an expression of ourselves. Just as we represent a diverse community, so too does our work.


How We Started

Our proud history began in Minneapolis with a visionary woman, Sonia Peterson in 1987. She dreamed of a place where community, inclusiveness and creativity could live together and create a safe place for people to challenge the status quo. Her vision of opening a salon that not only offered cuts and colors, but also adding hair extensions and dreadlocks.

Sonia traveled to Jamaica and the UK learning different techniques that she refined and came up with Pinch Braids – a method of braiding in hair for length and tying to secure with string. She also invented the Dread Perm – a way to start dreadlocks on hair in a quick and efficient way for all types of hair. She started touring cities like San Francisco, Atlanta, New York City, Los Angeles, London and Amsterdam. She opened a salon in Amsterdam in 1997, following that she opened a salon in Los Angeles in 1999.

After Sonia’s passing in 2004, Co-owners Kellie O’Rourke and Wendy Stachowicz refined methods for human hair extensions and synthetic dreads to continue serving the community with an inclusive and creative place for anyone and everyone to come together.

Our team are passionate innovators who will listen to you, engage with you and collaborate to achieve your desired results whether that is a full head of rainbow hair extensions or a classic bob.